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The Digital Nomad Bubble. Are You in it? Find Out Now!


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Hey! So I got your attention. You probably clicked on the link because you are curious what it's about. But you're definitely not the person that believes who lives in a bubble. Right? That's not you. You're not the one who wonders; am I on the right track?

Well, let's just pretend you are. For the sake of fun.

Lately you have this feeling that something is not right. You feel something is wrong. You live this great lifestyle all your friends dream of, but you feel that it's actually not what you think of. Maybe you are a little bit disappointed because you expected more of this lifestyle.

Whatever the reason is, it's important to stop FOOLING yourself and be completely HONEST to yourself!

Let me start first, so you don't have to do the hard work by yourself.

For a very long time I was fooling myself. I kept on saying to my friends and family that I wanted to start a business. But despite my little actions, nothing ever really happened. I kept saying to myself I didn't found the right thing, that I wasn't ready.
Actually I was doing nothing. I only watched hours of YouTube videos and read hundreds of articles on a business forum. I was action faking. And I kept fooling myself and others by saying that some outside force was responsible for the lack of my success.
It wasn't until I decided to be completely honest to myself that I started to see things differently. When I made the decision to be honest to myself, I took responsibility for my actions. All of a sudden my failures became learning experiences. And as a result of that, my income grew exponentially!

So now you know why it is important to be HONEST to yourself, we can move on!

To me, the purpose of the whole Nomad Lifestyle is FREEDOM. Then why are most digital nomads not free?

According to this study, 38% have an income of $10,000 per year or less. That's more than one third! 54% are full-timers, which means they still work 5 days a week. That sounds like a slave existence to me.
Because digital nomads are a mix of full-timers (54 percent) and part-timers (46 percent) and many only do it for part of a year, their income from their digital nomad work varies widely. Over a third (38 percent) report earning less than $10,000 per year. But 16 percent, or about 790,000, say they earn $75,000 or more.
Are you really free and location independent when you:
  • Do lower paid gigs to sustain yourself in cheap rooms and a low cost lifestyle?
  • Can only live in cheap countries like the ones in Southeast Asia?
  • Still have to work 4-5 days a week to sustain your lifestyle?
The truth is that most (54%+) do not live a free and independent lifestyle. Because they work 5 days a week.

The Digital Nomad Bubble
This term is coined after I spoke to people who reported living in this bubble. You know you are in it when:
  • You are constantly surrounded by other DNs;
  • Money is tight, your lifestyle is based on cheap places, low cost food, etc;
  • You're hopping from gig to gig;
  • You earn the same amount or less than at home;
  • You still work 4-5 days a week;
  • You have a goal to start a business, but fail to put anything out there;
  • You go to events and workshops to seek the holy grail for your dropship/ecommerce/digital marketing business, but rarely take any action;
  • You go out frequently to drink $1 beers with your new DN friends who live the same crappy lifestyle;
  • You keep telling yourself and to your friends how awesome this lifestyle is, but feel that something is not right?
There is nothing wrong with this lifestyle if that's your end goal. Go ahead and do it if that's what you want. But for most of us we want more. We dream of being financial independent, going on long trips without having to work ever agin, contributing to some charity or solving some of the world problems.

And those dreams require MONEY.

Money is earned best through Scalable Entrepreneurship. You build a business system that can scale limitlessly or you follow a profession where income can be scaled limitlessly. For example selling a product online (business system) or online trading (profession). The goal is to make enough money so you become financial independent. This is the only way to truly be location independent. Because...

You are only location independent when you are financial independent.

Solve problems, make money, become financial independent, then start traveling! Not the other way around.


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I agree that most people live in a bubble. Yes. They don't think too far ahead. They are too focussed on now. I've seen many people going back home, because they failed the digital nomad lifestyle. Or actually the nomad lifestyle failed them.
Every time when I see new pumped digital nomads coming from the airport I think by myself, most of them ain't gonna be here for a long time.
For me the hardest part is when I miss my family and friends from home. This lifestyle is great, and I don't regret it. But not seeing my family and friends often is something I pay for. I think this is what most digital nomads kill and make them go back eventually.
Being a digital nomad is a great experience I think. It teaches you a lot of valuable lessons about life. But don't make it your main life story. Do it a couple of years and then return back to normal life. Eventually you want to settle down. I certainly will do that at some point.
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