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Benefits of Participating in an Online Community


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Being a member of several forums in the past shaped my life tremendously in a positive way. I learned so much about business, interests and life from people that I would otherwise have never met. Thanks to the internet we can connect with people from all over the world. I thought it would be nice to create a list of benefits that I experienced of being active in online forums.

Benefits of an Online Community
  • People who participate and are active in an online forum are more likely to succeed in building a business, and more likely to earn higher incomes from their business than the people who don't participate in the forums.
  • Online communities helps battle loneliness. People who do not participate in an (online) community are lonelier.
  • People who are part of a community are happier than people who are not part of a community.
  • People who are active in an online forum are smarter, more knowledgable and have a higher intelligence than people who are not active in online forums.
  • Being active in an online forum gives people the chance to create lasting (offline) relationships, where people who are not active in an online forum don't have this opportunity.
  • Participating in online forums helps boosting confidence because it helps to learn how to express your point of view, where people who do not participate in online forums don't have this opportunity.
  • People who identify themselves offline with other forum members are having stronger relationships than people who don't.
The major benefit though hans't been listed above. But it far outreached every benefit... It's having a sense of belonging. Knowing that I belong to a group and a space where I can always share my opinion freely and have the feeling of being understood is the major benefit for me. It makes me happier, more confident and contributed to many of my successes.
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